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Blackburn Rovers Football Club – Report From The BRFC Action Group

Here at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire we have staff and customers who support all the local clubs, Accrington Stanley, Burnley and Blackburn Rovers.  We write about all the clubs when we feel they need support.  Read this report from the BRFC Action Group and give Blackburn Rovers your support.

The aim of the group is to protect and sustain the heritage of what was once a proud and efficiently run community football club.

Since being purchased from the Walker Trust in November 2010 the current owners Venkys, have systematically dismantled a fantastic network of football administration and placed the clubs long term future in jeopardy with reckless financial management.

Furthermore the continued backing of an out of depth manager Steve Kean has seen the on-field fortunes of Blackburn Rovers plummet drastically.

All this in just over a year under their ownership.

As a group the intension is to be pro-active and address the growing number of issues that threaten our football club, a long held passion and love for many lifelong supporters.

They intend to establish a sustainable communication line directly with the club and the board of directors to ensure their voice is heard.

As a group they are not placing stock in their own interests merely that of Blackburn Rovers, we want to protect the heritage of the club and ensure as a nation of fans they can enjoy the exploits of the team for years to come.

Formal lines of communication have been attempted by club sponsors, local MP’s and supporters, but despite their best efforts, these seem to have fallen on deaf ears.  The owners have not only refused to engage, but have given no official response to these approaches.

Some Facts:

  • Venkys have not been in the UK since 19th November 2011
  • Principle decision maker Mrs A Desai, has only been to Blackburn once in 13 months
  • Venkys have replaced a well respected and functional board of directors, with individuals who lack both the experience and power to run the football club on a day to day basis.
  • Recent accounts show a LOSS of £18.6 Million – compared to last years £1.9 Million
  • Our posted “Bank loan and overdraft” is currently at “21 Million
  • All figures are taken from the Annual Report and Financial Statement Year End June 2011.
  • Quote from Financial Director Karen Silk’s annual report:
  • “The biggest risk to the business would flow from relegation from the Premier League”.
  • Venkys have taken “loans” out against FUTURE income from the premier League.

Steve Kean is statistically the worst manager in Premier League history.

  • This season  P20     W3      D5       L12     15% win ratio
  • Last season  P21     W5      D7       L9        23% win ration
  • Overall         P41     W9      D12     L21     21% win ration

Steve Kean’s quotes:

  • On the owners: “I think they will be here in presence a lot more next year” 30/4/2011
  • On Hoiletts contract: “We are confident it will be done and dusted in the next 24 hours”  1/9/11
  • “The boy is desperate to sign and I went to Canada to speak to his father and mother myself” 25.11.11.

Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire wish the Action Group every success in turning these events around and helping to put the club back where it should be.




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