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Keep Heathy Over Christmas!

FESTIVE Britons will consume an average of 6,000 calories on Christmas Day – nearly triple the recommended daily intake.

Even the run-up to Christmas will see most of us get through around 500 extra calories every day.

And by January many people will have piled on almost half a stone. The prediction comes from the British Dietetic Association.

At the risk of being a killjoy, it has come up with handy hints on how to avoid weight gain.

It says that on Christmas Day turkey should be eaten without the skin. Brussels sprouts, peas and carrots should be served unbuttered. Potatoes could be dry roasted on a non-stick baking sheet or using an oil spray instead of goose fat.

It also says you should make a fruit stuffing then serve bread sauce made with low-fat milk.

Top of its tips for controlling weight gain over the party season is planning ahead, eating a smaller meal in the day and cutting out on snacks or other treats if you are eating out that night.



It advises opening just one box of chocolates at a time and suggests keeping unopened boxes out of sight.

At parties you should avoid “buffet table surfing” and use only a dessert-size plate, avoiding the high fat offerings like sausage rolls and quiche, choosing instead fruit, skinless chicken and raw vegetables.

It advises you avoid the fattening effects of shared chocolates, cakes and mince pies at the office by taking festive fruit like satsumas into work. Having a bowl packed with healthy options like dried fruit, figs and nuts handy can also help.

There is even a tip for how to deal with mince pies if you have to accept one. Remove the pastry lid to reduce the fat content.


“I can’t see many of use taking this advice here” at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire can you?


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