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Landscaping Products: Turf And Gravel Drainage Cell

Landscaping Products: Turf And Gravel Drainage Cell

Surfaces on which vehicles drive or park are highly vulnerable to damage, whether they are covered with grass or gravel. protecting such surfaces is made easy with the Turf and Gravel Drainage Cell system, available now at the most competitive price from Greengate's, your local builders merchant.

When used below turf, this versatile produce allows for both horizontal and vertical root growth, the only product of its type to do so. Unlike traditional concrete systems, the Turf and Gravel Drainage Cell lets the root thrive, keeping it cool and allowing crucial moisture to penetrate. When the grass has completely filled in, the reinforcement structure is invisible and will protect the roots from the weight of vehicles driving onto the lawn.

In conclusion, installing Turf and Gravel Drainage Cells creates an aesthetically-pleasing and durable surface suitable for light to medium loaded parking areas. In place of traditional painted layouts on the ground, special demarcation squares are used instead.

Loose-laid gravel in paving systems can be problematic when it comes to containment but the Turf and Gravel Drainage Cell provides a solution. The loss of gravel is prevented, instead being arranged evenly across the surface for the most attractive results. Without such reinforcement, rigidity and stability are reduced, resulting in a vulnerable road structure.

The Turf and Gravel Drainage Cell is just one of the many landscaping products available from Greengate's. Check out the full selection on our website and make your outdoor space as good as it can be.

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