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Sian Astley born in Blackburn and lived at Brownhill is the latest builder to front  a new DIY TV program.


Sian is a long way from being a typical builder, with a £2million property portfolio under her tool belt, she has successfully climbed up the industrial ladder since starting out with a new build flat 16 years ago.


The programme is about rescuing properties from the brink of disaster where inexperienced DIYers have taken on more than they could handle.


Sian now runs her own business in Didsbury Manchester where she describes herself as a property renovator, interior designer, residential landlord and now TV presenter.


Sian says there is sexism in the trade but says it doesn’t bother her as she gives as good as she gets.  She also recons that being a women in the building trade has its advantages she can multi task, something men seem to struggle with.  She says multi-tasking is definitely more a feminine trait which leads to good site management, so she deals with the electricians, plumbers, kitchen design, chooses paint colours and specifying carpets all at the same time.


The down side to being a builder Sian says is that she has rubbish nails and dusty skin after putting in a hard days work on the site.  But hey she can have a shower at the end of the day.


Watch Sian on Half Built House, on Tuesdays at 8.00pm on Channel 5.





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