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Vermiculite Fill Insulation; what is it? what advantages does it have to offer?

So What Is Vermiculite?

It is a natural material of thin flakes which are very light and which also contain traces of water. When exposed to heat, i.e., when heat rises into the loft, the flakes expand to provide very effective and high quality loft insulation.

Vermiculite loft insulation is also odourless, clean and easy-to-handle. The material is very effective at stopping heat loss and, in warmer temperatures, is also a coolant.

Best of all for those who are fed up with the irritating skin rashes when using fibreglass blankets, vermiculite loft insulation does not irritate when touched and is fibre-free.

Why use Vermiculite: Instead of the more common fibreglass blanket loose fill vermiculite loft insulation can be used to insulate your roof space.

This type of loft insulation is growing in popularity as it is not only very easy to use but, because vermiculite is a completely natural product, it is much more environmentally friendly than traditional insulating methods.

Whereas the usual blanket insulation is supplied and fitted in rolls vermiculite loft insulation comes in bags or sacks which are simply emptied and raked into the gaps between the joists and the ceiling / loft floor.



  •                      Reduces the loss of heat in cold weather
  •                      Keeps the interior cool in hot weather
  •                      Clean to handle
  •                      Extremely safe to use
  •                      Non-abrasive
  •                      Sound absorbent
  •                      Resistant to decay
  •                      Odourless
  •                      Non-irritant



Here at Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire we stock sacks of 110ltr (3cubic ft) Vermiculite Fill Insulation.


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