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Looking for a great Lancashire Builder?

Avoid cowboy builders with Local and Trusted.  People all over Lancashire are using Local and Trusted every day to select and hire quality local builders and tradesmen.

Get competitive quotes

Save time & money

Compare tradesman profiles

Remove the risk of a cowboy builder

Totally FREE service

You can too in four easy to follow step by step instructions.­  Just visit the web site www.­local­and­trusted.­com/­lancashire

1.    Tell us about your job.

Once you are registered with us you are able to “Post Your Job” to our website. Simply describe your requirements in as much detail as possible. The more information you provide the better the responses you will get. Don’t worry though, if interested tradesmen require more information they will contact you via the website.


2.    Once Tradesmen have contacted you check their profiles. If you like what you see invite them to quote.

Tradesmen who are interested in doing your job will start contacting you via the website, or by telephone. For simpler jobs they may provide an instant quote. More often they will request a visit to help them prepare your quote. Remember we do not give your actual e-mail address to our Tradesmen, all written communication is done through the website.

You are now ready to start deciding which of our Tradesmen best suits your needs!


3.    Get the best at a price that’s right!

Browse through the profile pages of the tradesmen who've contacted you. Compare and contrast what you find. Remember you will be able to see what work they specialise in, their experience, qualifications, maybe some photos of their previous work but most importantly their reviews. Reviews from people just like you.

Need more info from a Tradesman? Contact them quickly and securely using our messaging system. It's really handy as it automatically saves all messages.

Found the right tradesman at the right price? One simple Click on the hire button and the job's as good as sorted!


Reward the good guys.....and help other homeowners

Please, please, please provide your feedback when the job is completed. Our system enables you to let future users know what your Tradesman was like. Maybe they completed the job perfectly, but they were hard to contact when you had an issue. Our categorised star rating system allows you to highlight this. A good tradesmen will want honest feedback - "warts 'n' all". If one aspect of his service is letting him down, he needs to know so he can improve it! Please be as honest - but constructive as you can.


Tradesmen are notified when feedback is provided and they are given the opportunity to respond. Ordinarily the response is a simple thank you. In any event all reviews and the responses provided by tradesmen are verified by Local and Trusted staff before they are shown on the website.



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