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Want To Make house buying easier? Then Take A Look At What MSN Has Done For You!

After a year or two in the doldrums the housing market is showing signs of recovery. Experts say that in many areas prices are beginning to rise, as people who had put off moving house because of the recession begin to think longingly again about extra bedrooms or a bigger garden.

Still, the recession has left its mark. There are fewer houses on the market, and quality properties at a reasonable price attract considerable interest. Many are snapped up almost as soon as they appear. It's fair to say that - in the present circum­stances - grabbing your dream home means exploiting all the tools at your disposal.

One of those tools should be the Internet for a start, it's free, and you get instant access to all the latest property market news.

Do you use Rightmove? (it is, the UK's largest property search website). Well if you use it with Internet Explorer 8 you can use Rightmove more effectively, and make searching for a property faster, smoother, and free from the nasty, niggling feeling that your dream home is being snapped up by someone else.

Take, for example, the Rightmove accelerator. This handy little add-on means that you can search for properties on Rightmove from wherever you are on the web, in just a few short clicks. Why is that useful? For a start, it simply makes your search faster. You don't have to visit the Rightmove site to search for property - you can do it right from your browser. Just download Internet Explorer 8 for MSN, head to the add-on gallery and grab the Rightmove accelerator. Follow the instructions and get searching.

But more than that, the Rightmove accelerator lets you highlight text in any web page, and instantly search that area on Rightmove. So let's say you're on a local news site and come across a feature about the gentri­fica­tion of an up-and-coming neig­hbo­ur­hood.

All you have to do is highlight the name of the area on the site, and the accelerator will give you the option to search for properties in that location. It couldn't be easier.

If you're thinking of renting rather than buying, there's a Rightmove accelerator for that, too.

Some of the more general Internet Explorer 8 add-ons can also make things easier. The Bing Maps accelerator lets you instantly map any location from inside your browser (useful, because estate agents do have a habit of forgetting to mention the motorway at the bottom of the garden). Look for the place name, highlight it and look for the accelerator box and select Map with Bing (shown right).

Get it free, now: Internet Explorer 8 for MSN

And add-ons for Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites mean you can gather instant opinions from the online community about a particular town, neig­hbo­ur­hood or even a street.

OK, Internet Explorer 8 optimised for MSN won't bag you a dream home on its own. But it can give you a small advantage over all the other people searching for a similar house in the same areas. In an economic climate that rewards canny operators, Internet Explorer 8 optimised for MSN will make sure you are one.

So if you think this might be useful to you then go onto MSN and have a look at this fantastic new tool say Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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