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Marley Roofing Tiles Available From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

Marley concrete roof tile.

Outstanding aesthetics and precision engineering of Marley Eternit concrete roof tiles deliver a varied range, suitable for modern and traditional concrete roof designs.
The Modern interlocking tile is a flat, smooth, single-lap interlocking design with a slate-like appearance enhanced by a broken bond laying pattern.

All of Marley concrete interlocking tiles can achieve an 'A+' rating (the lowest envi­ron­mental impact) in the Building Research Estab­lis­hment's Green Guide to Specifi­cation (* element ref: 812410007, 812410018, 812410049).

Accre­dita­tion to the BES 6001 framework standard for 'Responsible Sourcing' means that projects using Marley concrete tiles can now achieve extra credits under BREEAM and The Code for Sustainable Homes.

Ecologic Roof Tiles

Ecologic is an innovative and unique concrete roof tile from Marley Eternit that actually absorbs NOx, and in doing so, improves air quality. Coupled to this, Ecologic roof tiles are manufactured using circa 50% recycled materials, making it one of the most envi­ron­men­tally beneficial and highly sustainable roofing products in the market today.

Ecologic has a unique granule finish that uses titanium dioxide (Ti02) catalysts in a combination of surface layers of granule and cement slurry coatings. The coating works as a photo-catalyst stimulated by sunlight to remove both forms of nitrogen oxide (NOx) that form nitrogen dioxide (NO2)  and nitric oxide (NO). These can cause respiratory problems and contribute to smog in built-up areas.

The NOx reacts with the titanium dioxide and sunlight to produce nitrates which are harmlessly washed from the surface of the tile by rain. In effect, a roof covered in Ecologic tiles acts as a giant air purifier removing atmospheric pollution.

Based on the popular Ludlow Major profile, Ecologic can achieve an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specifi­cation*. In addition, certi­fica­tion to the BES 6001 framework standard for 'Responsible Sourcing' means that projects using EcoLogic can achieve extra credits under the BREEAM family of envi­ron­mental assessment schemes.

*Please note* The British Standard for Slating and Tiling (BS 5534) has recently been updated, making significant changes to tile fixing requ­ire­ments. To ensure that your roof is compliant to the new standard, Marley fixing specifi­cation service is available and can be accessed by visiting their web site.

Just a couple of examples of the massive Marley range we sell.

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