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Marmite Ban!

Marmite Ban In Denmark

Denmark has banned the savoury spread Marmite, saying its added vitamins and minerals break food safety laws.

By law, Danish authorities must give their permission for products with such additives to be sold.

In recent years they have banned several well-known items - including the chocolate malt drink Ovaltine and some breakfast cereals.

Already a shop in Copenhagen has been ordered to remove jars of the British delicacy from its shelves.

BBC Europe corres­pondent Chris Morris says there are suggestions that the Danish ban could break European law.

Outraged expats in Denmark are threatening a campaign of civil disobe­di­ence, he says.

Nutritionist Melanie Brown told the BBC she believed a ban on Marmite, which is rich in B-vitamins, as well riboflavin and niacin, was coun­ter­pro­duc­tive.

"Marmite plays such a useful part in many people's diet, and in my practice it's incredibly useful for older people...who are short in vitamin B-12.

"It's full of folic acid, and there's lots of evidence that many women, young women of child-bearing age are deficient in folic acid," she said.

Kelloggs withdrew some brands of breakfast cereal from the country after the legislation passed in 2004 but Marmite had previously escaped unnoticed.

Marmite Ingredients

Yeast Extract


Vegetable Extract



Spice Extracts


Folic Acid

Celery Extract

Vitamin B12

Source: Marmite website

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