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More Money Saving Tips

As we said yesterday here are a few more money saving tips that when you read them they are obvious.

Listern to Music for free

New music is great and it's so easy to burn through money when you buy it online. But do you listen to half the music you already have? Try listening to the radio or download free services such as Spotify to hear the latest tracks for free.

Work Out In The Fresh Air

A gym membership can cost from £400 to £1,000 every year. Be honest: do you really get value out of it? Instead, why not go for a run in the park, along the beach or, if you must go to a gym, join your local council gym rather than a private one. The fresh air will do you good as well.

Switch Off The TV

A monthly subscription to Sky can cost well over £500 a year. What did you do before satellite and digital TV? Instead, you could swap DVDs with friends and family.

Forget The Lottery

As nice as it would be to win millions, it's a one in 14 million chance. Trying to hit the jackpot on a weekly basis can cost more than £100 a year. How many friends can you name who've won more than that on the lottery?

Save Wisely

While money is generally better employed paying off debts than sitting in a savings account when times get rough, it is essential you have access to some emergency cash - and you might as well earn as much from that pot as possible.

Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire thinks there are some good tips here.





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