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Most Vandalised Cars In Britain

Penalty points on your licence, a powerful car and the wrong location can send your car insurance costs skyroc­keting. But did you know your car's likelihood of being vandalised could also have an effect on your premiums? Here are the UK's top 10 most vandalised cars, according to swiftcover.­com.


The number one most vandalised car in the UK is the Fiat 500, knocking the Lexus IS off last year's top spot. But how could you harm its cute little face? Possibly because of the seemingly myriad custo­misa­tion options, making the 500 a target for the paint keying few.


Similar to the Audi TT, the Z4 is a motor generally driven by high earners who see their car as a status symbol. Maybe that's what attracts the keying, paint scraping and window smashing that shoots the Z4 into second spot. Either that or more than a few jilted lovers...


Anglo-French relations have sometimes been notoriously fraught, but we're pretty certain that's not the cause behind the 207's featuring in the standings. It's another new entry and proves that owners of everyday cars shouldn't think they're immune to mindless and malicious damage.


Pipping The Range Rover by one place is another Chelsea tractor - up from seventh spot last year - the BMW X5. Maybe vandals have a green side though, and its just 4x4s in general - belching out toxic CO2 clouds by the lung full - that brings them out?


The Range Rover is a sign of opulence, and in this hard-hit economic climate, it appears some people don't like that. The Range is a new entry on this year's league table, coming straight in at number five.


The Beetle is a marmite car - you either love it or hate it. And it seems more than a few subscribe to the latter opinion, as the cutely-styled VW Bug features as the UK's sixth most likely car to be vandalised.


The TT often unfairly gets landed with the 'hairdresser's car' tag. Repairs to vandalised Audi's will likely be costly - and as something of a stand-out car, it obviously attracts plenty of unwanted attention. Scratched by scissors is the main claim. Joke.


Vandals obviously don't discriminate against price. According to swiftcover.­com, the Fiat Punto is an 'everyday vehicle', yet it gets more abused than luxury metal like the 3 Series. Often driven by youngsters, could vandalism be caused by other mindless rival youfs (we're not stere­otyping)? Just a thought.


Next up, the MINI Cooper. This premium little hatch is the ninth most vandalised vehicle in the UK, and has jumped 37 places since last year's study. Options like chequered flag roofs, bonnet stripes and plenty of lights don't help it keep a low profile.


Surprise surprise, in at number 10 is a BMW - in particular, the 3 Series. You're probably not shocked to hear that prestige brands feature heavily in the top 10, and are more likely to be targeted by vandals. The BMW driver stereotype is still well and truly alive.


“do you have one of these cars? If so that could be making your insurance premiums higher than it need be”.




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