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Natural Stone Cladding in Five Easy Steps

Tier Natural Stone Cladding can completely transform the outdoor or indoor space it is applied to, delivering a classic, authentic aesthetic that is hard to beat. Installing the innovative product is a matter of simplicity and requires no special tools - check out our handy five-step installation guide below!

  • Step 1 - As with all construction projects, getting the preparation right is key to a lasting, professional end result. Start by ensuring that the surface the stone cladding will be applied to is completely clean and dry, free of any dust and debris that may interfere with adhesion. Start by mixing a small amount of Tier Flexible Adhesive

  • Step 2 - If any cutting of the panels is necessary, this can be easily carried out using a table saw with a diamond blade

  • Step 3 - Starting at the corners and using a toothed trowel, apply a layer of adhesive to the substrate and panel backs, ensuring that 100% coverage is achieved. Using blobs or spots of adhesive will prevent proper bonding and the panel must be installed within 40 minutes of adhesive application

  • Step 4 - Using a rubber mallet, tap the panel gently into position, ensuring that the joint remains clean and free from adhesive. If the installation will exceed 3m in height, stainless steel fixings must be used to ensure total security of the natural stone cladding

  • Step 5 - Complete the installation with the application of Tier Stone Sealer which, water-based and with a low odour, penetrates deeply into the panel to improve its natural strength. Protection from water, oil and grease stains is prevented by the breathable barrier formed, which also enhances the tone of the attractive panels

  • Click here to see how great Natural Stone Cladding can look!

The full range of products and panel colours and designs that comprise the Tier Natural Stone Cladding system can be quickly supplied by our professional builders merchant at an extremely competitive price. Find out more by contacting us today!

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