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Natural Stone Cladding: The Tier System

The Tier Natural Stone Cladding System is an exciting, innovative and truly-gorgeous way to transform your home both indoors and out. All of the components you need to create unique, long-lasting visual appeal are available right here at Greengate's, your local builder's merchant. Here are five reasons to try it.

  • Aesthetic Appeal. Whatever kind of property you live in, you want it to look at its very best and the Tier natural stone cladding system is an aesthetic dream. There are lots of different styles and colours of stone panel to choose from, allowing your creativity to be unleashed. As every tile is absolutely unique, the finished result is indis­tin­gu­is­hable from authentic stone cladding, without any of the hard work
  • Cost-Effectiveness. The weight and size of natural stone pieces makes them expensive to buy and install. Stone tiles, on the other hand, are far less costly to buy  yet deliver the exact same look. Only basic tools are required for installation and so this works out cheaper too. Add this to the lower cost of transporting the materials and the savings are clear for all to see
  • Stability. Modern structures are generally not built to cope with supporting the weight of stone. As Tier stone panels are lightweight, this is not an issue and they can be used on walls of up to three metres in height without the need for wall ties
  • Versatility. Though most often used to clad the outer of a building, stone cladding from Tier has a multitude of other uses inside the home. Whether you choose to create floors, fireplaces or full-on bathroom suites, the system won't let you down
  • Durability. Natural stone panels will deliver a long service life as they are designed to be highly resistant to temperature and moisture. This lifetime can be further extended using Tier sealer

For more information on the Tier natural stone cladding system, check out the video on the product page.

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