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Natural Stone Cladding Transforms Bathrooms

The exceptional versatility of Tier natural stone means that it has found uses in a myriad variety of settings. One of these is the bathroom, that most relaxing, private of places where every moment should luxuriously savoured. Find out more here about how to get the optimum visual and tactile effect with Tier natural stone cladding.

An instant touch of class, elegance and unique personal style can be added to any bathroom, shower room or wet room using Tier natural stone. Whether you decide on a minimal, sparing approach to create an eyecatching feature or want to go all out and completely cover the space with natural stone cladding, the simple addition of this modular system will transform your bathroom.

Tier natural stone is supplied as panels which seamlessly interlock, forming tiers as they rise to graceful, beautiful effect. Its strength and robustness are matched only by its attractive aesthetic and, with no specialist knowledge required to achieve a lasting, professional result, the panels can be simply applied to a wall using adhesive without the need for mortar or grout. No mess - no stress!

Every panel is created indi­vidu­ally, ensuring that each is perfectly unique and natural in its own combination of size, tone and texture. Large base panels allow for a greater variation in sizes as compared to traditional panelling systems, adding to the drystone authenticity and further enhancing its versatility.

Styles particularly suited to bathrooms include:

  • Quartz - this is definitely one for those who want to create that rustic, bucolic charm. Incredibly realistic.

  • Nordic Stone - an eclectic combination of grey, blue and green tones, perfect for helping you to wind down after a busy day

  • Natural Black Slate - create a bold, striking and contemporary feel with this style, which works particularly well in bathrooms featuring lots of chrome

Immerse yourself in the collection of Tier Natural Stone Panels available now, at an extremely competitive price, from us here at Greengate’s Builders Merchants. Check out our How-To guide for more information on installation and give us a call if you need advice or support. We would love to see pics of your finished projects too so please email them to us!

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