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Natural Stone Panelling: A Rich History

Natural stone panelling

Natural stone panelling in its current form is optimised to the most modern standards to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness when used. The idea itself, however, is much older, dating back as far as the Roman Empire; here we take a look at the fascinating history of stone veneer.

Stone veneer as we know it today began to take shape in the later part of the 19th century but archaeologists have discovered that parts of the famous Coliseum were fabricated using a type of marble veneer. This is no longer visible though the holes in the iconic structure are actually formed from the anchors that supported the veneer panels.

Many other structures of the Roman Empire utilised primitive veneering techniques, including the beautiful Segovia Aqueduct in Spain. This impressive structure, built from granite blocks, was partly faced with stone as designers took advantage of the invention of cement, designing ever-larger structures and enhancing them with decorative finishes.

In the late 1800s, modern stone veneer began gaining in popularity though, to look at it now, it is hard to see why! Cut thickly with hand tools, the heavy and unwieldy panels could only be used in limited areas. By the 1930s, stone panels had dropped in thickness to 1.5” on average and were in regular use as full building façades by the 1940s. As technology and transportation methods improved, quality went up and price went down, further driving popularity.

Today, further improved technology allows for the creation of the thinnest, most robust natural stone panels yet. The choice of colours and designs is also better and more extensive than ever before, allowing modern home- and business-owners an affordable way to transform their property; inside and out.

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