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Slap On The Wrist For B&Q!

B&Q’s own brand top soil has peat in it.  The Lancashire Wildlife Trust is asking the public to boycott the product.

The Trust is bitterly disappointed that B&Q has increased the amount of peat in the new Verve product, to two fifths.

Lancashire Conservation manager Tim Mitcham said the decision felt like a “stab in the back”. 

98% of the North West’s mosslands have already been lost to agriculture or other developments and over 50% of the remainder are threatened by peat extraction says Tim Mitcham.

Tim Mitcham Conservation manager is asking all members of the public to boycott this product and other peat based products.

According to the charity, mosslands take thousands of years to develop a thick layer of peat deposit and are host to many rare species.  They also absorb and store huge amounts of carbon indefinitely.  When moss is drained and mined for peat, carbon is released into the atmosphere as the harmful greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

The government is aiming to phase out the use of peat in gardens by 2020. However, nearly three million cubic metres of peat are still used up UK horticulture every year.


So come and buy your  top soil from Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire instead of B&Q

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