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New Colour Coded Hats For Building Sites

The yellow safety hat is on the way out this year to be replaced by a variety of different colours depending on your job.

White will be the most common hat, used by site managers and 'competent operatives' and yellow won’t be used at all.

Last October new guidelines for building sites were agreed among the UK’s biggest construction contractors and trades associations and are to be phased in this year.

White will be the most common hat, used by site managers and “competent operatives” – the modern building sites term for qualified labourers and tradesmen like electricians and plumbers plus those directing vehicles.

Black helmets are for supervisors.

 orange ones are for signalers who direct crane drivers with hand signals and slingers who guide materials and the goods.

Blue hats are for everyone else such as apprentices, architects and visitors such as planning inspectors.

First aiders and fire marshals will also wear blue but will have a sticker on their helmet.

The idea is to standardise rules so staff on sites can quickly work out who is who based on their hat colour.

A spokesman for Build UK said: “We want a very clear way for people to recognise key roles on any site where they are working.

Build UK, the body that represents 27 of the UK’s biggest contractors like Kier and Balfour Beatty along with 40 trade associations represent 11.500 workers like electri­cians, came up with the guidelines.

Article taken from the Sun newspaper


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