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New Crime Figures By Street

It has been reported in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph the findings of the new police crime figures on the street by street map.  The findings are below.

Street-by-street crime figures on the new police map website show East Lancashire's hotspots.

The newly-launched website is the first of its kind to show such detailed statistics.

According to overviews of Blackburn and Burnley town centre, there were 322 and 353 crimes respectively in December 2010.

But smaller towns and villages also had their fair share of incidents with anti-social behaviour, robbery, burglary, violent crime, vehicle crime, and ‘other’ offences all being recorded.


In Blackburn, Darwen Street came out top with 35 crimes in December, including 22 anti-social behaviour incidents and five violent crimes.

High up on the list were Clayton Street, with 29, Northgate with 24, Railway Road and Mincing Lane, with 23 each, Ainsworth Street, with 21, and King William Street, with 20.

Mark Aspin, Blackburn with Darwen Community Safety Partnership manager, said the highest levels of crime are often found in the most deprived areas and that the authorities were ‘happy for the public to questions us on crime figures in their street’.

He said: “Right across Blackburn with Darwen all crime is down 2per cent.

“However, we are starting to see a rise in burglary and vehicle crime in the last few months, but are doing the best with the resources we have”.


Burnley town centre had the worst figures in December, with Hammerton Street (29), St James’ Street (28), and Parker Lane (26), the top three.

Hammerton Street had 12 violent crimes recorded – the worst in East Lancashire, with the majority of the other incidents being anti-social behaviour.

Jeff Brunton, senior minister in charge of the Street Pastor scheme in Burnley town centre, said he had noticed Burnley town centre was quieter in December than the previous year.


In Darwen, the worst street was Market Street, with 14 offences in December, including nine involving anti-social behaviour, and three violent crimes. The next were South Street with a total of 11 crimes, and Victoria Street with 10.

Adam Hulme who runs the Bridgewater pub in nearby Church Street and is the chairman of the Darwen BarU scheme, said: “I’ve heard of some examples of pubs wrongly featuring on streets, but I think once the system settles down and we can properly understand the information, it will be a fantastic tool.

“We get around 3,000 people through the door on a weekend and aren’t scared of reporting things to the police.

“What I don’t want is for these figures to be misconstrued and people think it is a hive of crime. That’s the danger.


In Hyndburn, Blackburn Road, Accrington, was the worst street, with 19 crimes, including four violent crimes in a month.

Close behind were Eagle Street, Accrington, with 12, and Burnley Road, Accrington, with 11.

Both Commercial Road, Great Harwood, and Spring Street, Rishton, were the worst in their areas, with seven crimes each.

Ward councillor for Rishton, Ken Moss, lives close to Spring Street.

He said: “The number of people trying to use the site shows how useful people think it is.

“It is a good opportunity for people to see how valuable the police are. I’m all in favour.

“Spring Street and the surrounding area has a problem with anti-social behaviour and drugs, but they have both been reduced over the past two years.”


In Rawtenstall, Ormerod Street suffered 12 crimes, with three anti-social behaviour incidents, one violent crime and eight ‘other’.

Mount Terrace was almost as bad, with 10 crimes, including two violent offences.

Fairfield Avenue, in Waterfoot, had nine crimes, and King Street, in Bacup, had 10.

Rossendale Council leader Tony Swain wasn’t surprised at the figures.

He said: “Whether it is useful or not depends on how many hits it gets going forward. Only when it shows figures over a longer period of time, will it be useful to paint a picture of an area. At the moment, one major icident shown in December could be the only incident for a whole year.”

In Haslingden, 95 crimes were reported and almost half, 45, were anti-social behaviour offences.

Of those, incidents were reported in King Street, Church Street, and Deardengate

Greengates Builders Merchants thinks this could be a very useful tool if used correctly.


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