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New Green Deal Money Spent Within 1 Day!

A new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was launched early January. Within a day, 80 per cent of the fund had been allocated, with a chunk of this cash issued to landlords eager to make impro­vements.

Homeowners could have claimed up to £4,000 towards the cost of solid wall insulation or up to £1,600 for other energy saving measures, such as double-glazing, draft-proof doors and new boiler.

The consultation comes as data shows one in ten privately rented homes currently fall into the lowest energy efficiency categories.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change said that many properties which are either F or G rated could be boosted by making just one change.

For example, 40 per cent of privately rented properties could be improved above an F or G category just by installing loft insulation.

A spokesman said: 'Properties with the lowest energy efficiency rating tend to be older properties that are electrically heated, off the gas grid, and lacking insulation.'

DECC estimates households privately renting a G rated home would need to spend, on average, £1,200 more on energy to heat  it properly compared to a typical property – those in F properties spend £700 more.

Private rentals have a higher proportion of homes which fall into the lowest EPC category rating - with eight per cent F category and three per cent G - compared to owner-occupied properties.

In the consultation paper, the Government said: 'Improving the energy efficiency of needlessly cold and draughty homes in the private rented sector will enhance the quality of living and cut the energy bills for the millions of people who rent their homes.

'A range of cost effective measures now available can stop energy waste and make homes warmer, healthier and help control energy bills too. We are determined to ensure that these improvements are taken up, especially in the in the privately rented homes with the worst energy efficiency performance.'

“lets hope then that there is more Green Money made available soon”, says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.



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