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New Year Around The World




Some traditions to bring in good luck in the New Year

It is a common notion that the New Year will bring in new hopes and luck to people. Hence, people take utmost care in preparing themselves for the New Year.

Following are some of the popular practices that are performed at different countries to welcome good luck in the New Year.

Australia – In Australia suckling pigs are considered to bring good luck and hence, traditional foods are prepared with sucking pigs. In dessert they offer peppermint ice cream in the shape of four-leaf clover.

England- In Britain the tradition says that the first guest on the New Year must be male, carrying gifts for the master of the house.

Wales – In Wales the back door is opened with the first toll of the bell and then shut to release bad omens from the last year. With the 12th stroke of the bell the front door is open to welcome New Year.

Spain - In Spain, people will eat 12 grapes with each stroke of the bell. This is said to bring good luck for the coming 12 months.

Japan - In Japan people decorate their homes with pine branch, bamboo stalk and plum blossom which symbolizes longevity, prosperity and nobility respec­tively.

Denmark : It is pretty surprising but, it is very auspicious to find the door heaped with pile of broken dishes on New Year in Denmark. Throughout the year people save all the old dishes and then throw them at the entrance of the homes on the New Year eve. It is believed that the number of broken dishes you have, that many friends you have which is considered very auspicious.

In most of the parts of Scandinavian countries, New Year celebrations are done with great joy and preparation. There are many Danish cuisines which served on the New Year party eve. Kale, is among the favorite dishes which is served with sprinkled sugar and cinnamon with white sauce.

Greece : January 1st is the most important date in the history of Greece. The day is not only observed as New Year but, also as St Basil's Day. The Greek Orthodox churches considered St Basil as one of the forefathers.

Special New Year bread is baked by all the family members. A coin is buried in the dough which is considered very auspicious. Greeks celebrate the New Year with great pomp and show. They share traditional sweet bread with everyone. The coin brings good luck and fortune for the year.







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