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No Rush, No Fuss: the Greengate Local Experience

Building and renovation work is always associated with the spring and summer, as the (hopefully!) decent weather makes many jobs that bit easier to do. It’s also a much more pleasant time for the builders and renovators, particularly if they have outdoor work to attend to. The world doesn’t stop turning for winter though and contractors still need to earn a wage, so how do they survive as the cold months kick in…?

Its undoubtedly true that builders are less in demand during winter, but the slump isn't as marked as you might think. In fact, it carries on ticking over quite nicely for most of them and that’s mostly because of one thing: the last-minute factor.

We’re all guilty of a little (and sometimes a lot!) of last-minute factor. Strange as it seems, while we’re occupying ourselves with the finest details, it’s easy to forget that one crucial thing that everything hangs on.

There are as many examples of this as there are people; we’re so concentrated on packing the right outfits for our holiday, that we forget our passport until it’s time to leave for the airport and of course it’s nowhere to be found. Or we spend hours shopping for Christmas dinner and remember every little detail… then realise we forgot the turkey just five minutes before the supermarket closes. We’re sure you have experienced many more!

And it works the same with our homes; we manicure our lawns to enjoy summer and buy a nice new welcome mat for any rainy days. Then, just as we’re battening down the hatches for winter, someone remembers the missing tiles on the roof or the damaged gutter.. It’s that same old last-minute factor and no mistake!

Builders may grumble about being up on the roof in a howling December gale, but it’s these last-minute folk who keep business ticking over and make sure that the builders have enough work to earn a wage, so they can enjoy Christmas too (assuming they remember to buy the turkey!)

As Christmas approaches, the panic sets in and there is therefore a festive RUSH, which is the exact opposite of the slump we imagined! So it’s good to know that there’s always going to be that reliable stalwart company to provide the necessary materials without delay; in this case, that company is Greengate, your local builders merchants. 

Greengates will close at 12:00 on Friday the 22nd of December and we open our gates again at 07:30 on Tuesday the 2nd of January 2018

So last-minute factor DOESN’T have to turn to panic factor; there IS an alternative. And you’re already on our website so you’re heading in the right direction! Browse our range now and get your orders in!

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