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Now's The Time To Change Your Life Style With help From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, lancashire

Now’s The Time To Change Your Life And Go Green

By just making some small changes to your life you can save money and the environment. This is not something we have a choice over we have to do something to protect the world we live in say the experts.

Every year our homes could be responsible for approximately six tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Burning fossil fuels to generate energy or heat produces CO2, the main greenhouse gas.

Under the Kyoto protocol, the government is required to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 2.5 per cent of 1990 level by the end of 2012.

Because our homes and cars make up more than 50 per cent of our country’s total emissions, we all have a role to play.

By following the Energy Saving Trusts’ low carbon lifestyle guide, we can all reduce the environmental impact of our homes and often save money as well.

The plan offers simple tips on issues such as water wastage, recycling and chemical cleaners.

Families in Britain are said to waste the most energy in Europe.  Incorporating energy saving measures, however, can drastically reduce a home’s impact on the planet.

Businesses also have a part to play in reducing the worlds carbon footprint.

“Over the next four days we will be giving you some helpful tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint be it at home or work, then you can say you are doing your best for the environment with a clean mind”  says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington Lancashire.





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