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Old Treats!

? Take a trip down memory lane with these fun products.

First on the  list? Orangina - the retro drink in the retro bottle. Let's admit it, everyone felt a little bit more cosmopolitan when they opened a bottle of this stuff. If it didn't remind you of holidays in France, it at least made you feel a tiny bit French. Fizzy, orangey and so much more sophisticated than Tango, shaking the glass bottle was essential to getting all the bits at the bottom mixed in. The ultimate old-school summer drink.

With its sharp sherbet and lolly for dunking, the Sherbet Dip Dab offered up two experiences often associated with classic confectionary: mouth-shredding sharp candy and tartness-induced squinting. As an added bonus, the sherbet would usually make you sneeze after the first mouthful and (just in case you've forgotten) you needed to avoid accidentally breathing it in... or the coughing fit lasted for hours.

The highlight of these crisps was definitely the handy blue sachet of salt they came with. Without said sachet, the undressed crisps tasted far too virtuous. A quick rip and flick of the little blue packet and the contents instantly tasted better - particularly the crisps that were right at the bottom and caught all the extra salt. If your mum was really mean, she would remove the blue sachet before you could get your hands on it, all in the name of eating healthily.

“there is always some new treats to take the place of these old ones” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.



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