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Open Plan Living Is The Way Forward

It always used to be that the more rooms you had the more your home was likely to be worth but estate agents are now saying the opposite may be true.

Creating an open-plan living area is an effective way to add value to a property because a larger space is not only fashionable but more useful.

“Knocking through to create that open space may prove more efficient in adding value than building out.

While there are always structural consi­dera­tions to be made, this is far more achievable than an extension, that often incurs planning permission costs on top of construc­tion.

Open-plan layouts are universally appealing and so this is always going to improve a home’s saleability.

Owners of Victorian terraced homes have been merging pokey lounges and dining rooms to create a better space for decades but now the trend is to create a big kitchen-diner family room and keep the lounge as a quiet zone.

“Zoning is an important factor when designing an open-plan living area, creating separate spaces that work in harmony with one another yet still bear their original function.

“The easiest way to achieve this is with subtle changes in colour schemes and lighting, while keeping an element of the design consistent; for example, using the same wood or marble flooring.

Kitchen islands and corner sofas create invisible borders and these should be selected to maximise light flow, further emphasising the benefit of more usable living space.

An open-plan kitchen-diner communal room creates a more relaxed hub for the family, or for entertaining friends and many new homes are built with them.

“Perhaps it’s time to rethink your house extension plans” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire


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