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Opti-Mix Integral Waterproofer Available From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

OPTI-MIX INTEGRAL WATERPROOFER is a highly concentrated water­pro­ofing and air entraining admixture for sand and cement which is 25 times the strength of conventional products.

OPTI-MIX INTEGRAL WATERPROOFER forms extremely stable air bubbles in sand/cement mixes. This improves the workability of mortar/­render giving it a “buttery” consistency and helps prevent shrinkage, cracking, crazing and mild frost damage during the curing process, as well as providing long term resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, it also contains pore blocking additives to reduce water absorption and reduces the chance of efflo­res­cence (salt formation). OPTI-MIX INTEGRAL WATERPROOFER extends open time to enable large areas to be covered in one go.

  • Concentrated formula 1ltr = 25ltrs of standard water­proofer.
  • Easy to use gauged bottle.
  • Improves water resistance of mortars.
  • Added plasticising agent improves workability
  • Provides resistance to freeze/thaw cycling.
  • Reduces bleeding.

Areas For Use:

  • Pool and tank linings
  • External renders.
  • External pointing.
  • Structures below ground level.   


  • Do not exceed recommended dosage rate range and DO NOT overmix.
  • Ensure container is always kept in a secure upright position during both storage and transit.
  • Air entraining formulation – not intended for structural concrete.
  • Selection of correct materials and mix design relative to the substrate and exposure levels are of paramount importance.
  • Materials for External Render systems and application methods  should be in line with BS5262 1991 ”Code of Practice for External Rendering” and BS8000 Part 10 1995 “Code of Practice for Plastering and Rendering”.
  • Dispose of this product and packaging correctly. Do not allow to enter water­co­urses. Always read label before use and wear suitable protective equipment.

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