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OPTI-MIX INTEGRAL WATERPROOFER forms extremely stable air bubbles in sand/cement mixes. This improves the workability of mortar/­render giving it a “buttery” consistency and helps prevent shrinkage, cracking, crazing and mild frost damage during the curing process, as well as providing long term resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, it also contains pore blocking additives to reduce water absorption and reduces the chance of efflo­res­cence (salt formation). OPTI-MIX INTEGRAL WATERPROOFER extends open time to enable large areas to be covered in one go.

Areas For Use:

  • Pool and tank linings
  • External renders.
  • External pointing.
  • Structures below ground level.



Shake bottle well before use. Push the lid downwards and twist anti-clockwise to remove. Squeeze the sides of the bottle to fill the measuring cup to the required dose (20-40ml per 50kg of cement).

Add Optimix Integral Waterproofer to a 10 bucket of water and stir/mix well. Dry mix all other ingredients and add sufficient quantities of water/­Optimix Integral Waterproofer solution until the desired consistency is achieved. Never add this product directly to the dry mix, always let down into a portion of gauging water. Replace cap after use.


  • Do not exceed recommended dosage rate range and DO NOT overmix.
  • Ensure container is always kept in a secure upright position during both storage and transit.
  • Air entraining formulation – not intended for structural concrete.
  • Selection of correct materials and mix design relative to the substrate and exposure levels are of paramount importance.
  • Dispose of this product and packaging correctly. Do not allow to enter water­co­urses. Always read label before use and wear suitable protective equipment.

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