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People watching!

People-watching is a timeless travel activity. It requires little effort, and can be practised from pleasant vantage points such as beaches, cafes and verandahs - and the more you travel, the more you simply appreciate the range of human interest and beauty. And then there's the payoff: the moment your eyes settle on someone who makes your jaw drop and your pulse rise. Attractive and charismatic people can be found everywhere, from high streets to supermarket aisles worldwide, but certain cities are packed both with super-stylish people and stunning settings - here we expose the exceptional places where the two come together.

If you wish they all could be California girls and boys, you probably haven't been to South Beach. And nowhere sums up the sun-kissed art-deco ambience of the neig­hbo­ur­hood better than Ocean Drive's nightclubs, hotels, boutiques and restaurants. The 15-block strip is home to the mansion owned by late fashion icon Gianni Versace - supermodels still drop by to pay their respects - while a steady stream of celebrities, from Matthew McConaughey to Madonna, either reside or holiday in the area.

The Swedes are known for their good looks - both sexes regularly top 'world's best-looking people' lists - and the oldest of Stockholm's many lovely public squares is as good a place as any to get a look at the local Elin Nordegren and Dolph Lundgren lookalikes. You'll notice how tall everyone is, how polite they all are, how well-dressed... in short, you may soon want to move here.

If you like a fair dose of quirkiness with your people-watching, there's nowhere better than the Japanese neig­hbo­ur­hood known as the world's top spot for 'cosplay', or costume play. All along the two main shopping streets, Omotesando and Takeshita, pretty young things sport outfits running the gamut from cyber-punk to gothic to little bo peep, many of which cross the line separating quirk from kink. If you want to join in, there are dozens of boutiques in the area that will set you up with a studded dog collar or frilly bonnet.

 "so do you fancy any of these places for your holidays and spend your time people watching"? says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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