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Petrol Price War To Start Today As Sainsbury’s Cut Unleaded Petrol By 4p

Sainsbury's may have sparked a supermarket petrol price war today by dropping its fuel prices which is likely to force other retailers to follow suit.

From today, the cost of petrol at its 279 forecourts across the UK will dip by 4p a litre, with diesel being reduced by 3p a litre.

Sainsbury's head of fuel Richard Crampton said: 'We know that fuel is a big part of many customers' weekly budget so we're keen to do anything we can to help.'

The move is likely to spark a similar response from its rivals as latest petrol price figures show the cost of filling up is continuing to put the squeeze on motorists, going up by another 5p a litre in February alone.

This increase added £2.50 to the cost of a typical 50-litre refill, or £3.50 to fill up a Ford Mondeo.

A family with two petrol cars is now spending £10.62 a month more on fuel than at the beginning of the year.

Average UK petrol prices stand at around 137,08p a litre, following a surge that started in the second week of January when the price was 132.01p.

Since the start of 2013, diesel pump prices have increased from around 140p a litre to 143.96p.

“This can only be good news to motorists as the price of petrol is set to rise in the coming budget” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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