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Pigeon Builds Nest Out Of Nails And Screws On Accrington Building Site


A pigeon has made a most unusual nest on an Accrington building site.

The pigeon, dubbed ‘Britain’s toughest bird’, has laid its eggs on a nest made entirely from nails and screws.

The exact location of the building site is being kept a secret, amid fears that people will flock to there and disturb the pigeon or her nest.

Staff on the building site have now been forced to stop work until the chicks hatch and are ready to fly their spiky nest.

Pigeons used to be known as ‘rock doves’, and tend to build their nests on covered building ledges that resemble cliffs – their natural habitat.

The birds tend to build their nests in places that are well-hidden and hard to find, and while pigeons have been known to nest in unusual places including railway bridges and ledges of sky scraper buildings, there appears to be no previous reported cases of a pigeon nesting on a bed of nails.

Alan Wright, from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, said: “Pigeons do nest in urban areas and sometimes use odd things to build those nests, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

“It’s not just unusual, it’s a complete one off. When the first picture of the pigeon arrived I thought it was a hoax, but then I saw the eggs in the nest. Most people have never seen a baby pigeon, called a squab, so it is very exciting that the people working on the building site will get to watch these pigeons grow up.

“People don’t really see them because pigeons will nest on cliffs and on ledges of tall buildings. It’s amazing that they don’t all fall out and die, but they don’t.

“Pigeons are seen as a pest, a lot of people don’t like them, but this pigeon and her eggs have been left alone, so it’s a nice change to see somebody treating pigeons with a bit of respect.”


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