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Planes In The Drive In US Village

AN old air base has been transformed into a village where all the residents are elite pilots and park PLANES outside of their homes instead of cars.

Around 5,000 residents have made the former military area used during the Second World War their home.

The neighbourhood has paved taxiways to guide pilots to each of the 1,500 homes and 700 hangars in the private community.

Prices in the Spruce Creek Fly-in airpark in Florida range from £100,000 for a small condo to millions of pounds for a hangar mansion.


Signs are located around the streets of the village to warn of incoming planes and low flying aircrafts.

Warnings are prominent on the 18 hole golf course where teeing off could be dangerous to any nearby flying planes.

A spokesperson for Karlhaus Realty, who sell property at Spruce Creek, said: "The sign that reads, 'Caution, Children and Adults at Play' is the first thing a visitor sees after driving through the security gates.

"It really illustrates the spirit and vitality of this special community. Airplanes are everywhere.

"It is possible to drive in the community without realising it is an airpark, yet there is a real airport and even a commercial area in the centre of the expansive tree-filled grounds.

"Newcomers are treated to parties where they meet other residents and quickly join in the Spruce Creek lifestyle.

"In this neighbourhood, an open hangar is an invitation to stop and chat."


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