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Plupave For Permeable Paving Solutions Available From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

Plupave Turf And Gravel Drainage Cell Now Available From Us!

Why Plupave For Permeable paving Solutions?

Ideal for Containment of Gravel

Plupave reinforcement structure acts as a containment solution for loose-laid gravel within paving systems.  Unlike concrete systems the gravel acts as a porous layer which allows movement of water through the paving and into the ground below.  When compared to loose-laid stone with no reinforcement, stability and rigidity is increased giving a solid road structure.  The product prevents loss of gravel and arranges the gravel evenly across the drive/path resulting in an aesthetically pleasing surface.

Plupave reinforcement structure creates a subtle and almost invisible solution to gravel paved surfaces, whilst also offering the benefits of a durable, hard surface for light to medium loaded parking areas.

Ideal To House And Protect Grass

Plupave reinforcement structure is the only product available that allows both horizontal and vertical root growth.  Unlike concrete systems, the root remains cool and grass growth thrives.  Driving vehicles onto the grass has no effect on the protected roots.  Aesthetically, the product allows the grass to fill in completely, creating a lush lawn with an invisible reinforcement structure.

Plupave reinforcement structure creates an attractive, durable, hard surface suitable for light to medium loaded parking areas.  For such purposes special demarcation squares provide ground marking in place of traditional painted ground layouts.


The cells can be used in any situation where low to medium use parking surfaces, access road and driveways are required.

The cells can also be used for the construction of swales to collect rainwater and direct water to surface infiltration areas such as Versavoid sub-surface infiltration channels.

Give us a ring today and hear more about this fantastic new product now available from Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


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