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Pointing: How to Protect Paths and Patios

Pointing is the material that seals joints between masonry, such as bricks used to build houses or slabs used to create paved areas. Over time, weathering can cause voids in these joints, which then allow water to ingress. Significant damage can be caused to masonry in this way, through processes of erosion, frost weathering and salt dissolution/­deposition.

Recent heavy rainfall has revealed many problem with pointing, particularly in areas paved with flags, slabs, setts and cobbles. A simple, efficient and cost-effective solution to the problem is available here at Greengate's builders merchant: Everbuild Geofix Wide Jointing Compound. Here are some of its major features and benefits:

  • Everbuild Geofix Wide Jointing Compound is supplied ready-mixed and is simply brushed into paving joints before being compacted with a pointing tool
  • The formula is 100% free of cement and, as it is applied dry, does not leave any unsightly, stubborn stains to remove afterwards
  • Unlike joints that are pointed with traditional mortar, those repaired with Geo-Fix are totally resistant to the dreaded freeze-thaw cycle and will not pop out or crack with frost
  • The compound forms a robust, solid joint that, though water-permeable to prevent any ponding from occurring, strongly resists the growth of weeds and plants
  • Extremely versatile, the jointing compound can be used with equal success on natural stone, cobbles, setts and precast concrete, delivering a consistently professional finish
  • The product is supplied by Greengate's in economical 20kg tubs with a choice between Buff or Grey colours

Don't let precious paths, patios and other paved areas become a victim of water ingress: simply use Everbuild Geofix Wide Jointing Compound for guaranteed results. Find out all the details on our website, where you can also access our collection of pointing ancillaries such as trowels and pointing guns.

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