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Premiership Games In The Pub



In a news paper article today one pub land lady has tried to out do Sky by showing premiership football broadcasted from other EU countries.  This is what has been said:

Broadcasters cannot stop customers using cheaper foreign satellite TV equipment to watch Premier League football, an EU legal adviser has said.

A non-binding opinion from advocate Juliane Kokott of the European Court of Justice said a block breached EU laws.

Portsmouth pub landlady Karen Murphy, fined for using Greek decoders, had argued the EU single market should let her use any European provider.

Sky and ESPN have the broadcast rights to Premier League football in the UK.

The satellite broadcaster has pumped billions into top flight English football since the league was founded in 1992, with the money given to clubs allowing them to buy some of the top names in the world.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) will make a ruling on the matter later this year.

It also says it "would damage the interests of broadcasters and viewers of Premier League football across the EU"

A spokesman added that if the advocate general's guidance was taken it would stop rights holders from marketing their properties in a way which meets the territorial and cultural demands of broadcasters.

They said they hoped the ECJ would uphold current European law, which the league said was "framed to help promote, celebrate and develop the cultural differences within the EU".

The Premier League also said that if European Commission wanted to create a pan-European licensing model for sports, film and music then it must go through the proper consultative and legislative processes, not use the courts.

'Contrary to EU law'

The case at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has been about whether a rights holder such as the Premier League can license its content on a country-by-country basis.

Such a set-up has allowed the league to fully maximise the value of its rights.

On one matter, the plaintiffs and the defence agree. Karen Murphy's case at the European Court of Justice could herald a revolution. And it would not just be football and Sky which would be caught in the turmoil. Intellectual property rights across the European Union could be changed forever.

For the first time, Saturday 3pm kick-offs would be widely available to watch on TV. A lure for many, certainly, but would it damage attendances at football grounds across the country?

How far can you have a single European market without any boundaries to impede its smooth flow? And how far are national borders not an obstacle, but a protection?

Greengates Builders Merchants says “the outcome of this case will be very interesting”.


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