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Prevent Your Plaster And Render Cracking With TDP Plaster And Render Fibres

If you want to stop shrinkage and cracking in you plaster and render then you need TDP Plaster and Render Fibres.

By just adding to the mix Plaster and Render fibres minimise shrinkage and cracking.

The fibres can be used in manual or mechanically applied mixes. After quick dispersion the fibres are quickly and evenly incorporated into in the mix and do not affect the workability.

The addition of Fibres will help renders, particularly lime based ones, that are more susceptible to weathering and cracking during the drying process.  Moisture can penetrate the cracks leading to significant problems at a later stage.

Suitable for use in rendering, undercoat and one coat plasters.


  • Adds easily into mix
  • Disperses quickly and evenly
  • Easily added, no need to ‘tease’ in like horsehair, and will not ‘rot’
  • Non irritant
  • Can be used in mechanically applied plaster and render
  • Ideal for renders and lime based plasters which are particularly susceptible to cracking
  • The fibres, being short, do not need ‘burning off’ the finished surface.
  • Reduces the need for remedial work.


  • Adding fibres to the plaster or render mix does not affect the workability of the mix.
  • Ideal for patch repair.
  • TDPP’s plaster and render fibres have been produced specifically for these applications.
  • 200g sufficient for ten 25kg bags of plaster, or ten 25kg dry render mixes.


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