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Proof Everything Has A Price Says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

They say everything has a price and here are a few of the most oddball stuff people have tried to sell:

In January a man from Lexington, North Carolina, walked into a Walmart store and tried to buy $500 worth of electrical items with a $1 million note.

The really funny thing about the story is that he actually proffered the bill to a bemused cashier, presumably expecting to receive $999,500 in change. Instead, the bill was picked up as a fake and the man was handed to police.

In 2000, a slice of French toast with maple syrup (complete with plate and fork) was sold on the internet for over $3,000. It even had a bite out of it. Actually, it's the bite that made it so valuable (at least to one deluded teen).

Because the perfect teeth that had made the indentation in the syrupy bread belonged to none other than *NSYNC star, soloist and actor Justin Timberlake. The nibbled toast attracted 40 bids in two days.

In the early years of this century one source of income for hard-up young ladies with an entrepreneurial streak was to become a 'secret girlfriend'. This wasn't as sordid as you might think. You never actually met your secret girlfriend, but she sent you photos, love letters, and - if required (perhaps to convince disbelieving friends and family that you had actually managed to get a girlfriend - which of course you hadn't) a timely phone call.

In other words, a secret girlfriend offered all the advantages of a real girlfriend without the more complicated bits - like sex and companionship.

Nail clippings: That's right, somebody actually bought somebody else's nail clippings. But it was a serial killer's nail clippings, which seems stranger still.

Roy Lewis Norris was an evil man who did terrible, murderous things. But that didn't stop some anonymous weirdo from buying his nail clippings after some other anonymous weirdo had put them up for auction on eBay. It may go a little way to restoring your faith in mankind that the auction was not a record-breaking success. The macabre novelties sold for just $9.99 (which is still significantly more than they are actually worth, of course).

“So there you have it. Nail clippings,­bitten toast proof - if proof be needed - that just about everything has a price, and everything has a buyer” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire



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