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Have You Invested In Indian Sandstone?

Indian Sandstone is a classic sedimentary rock formed around 350 million years ago from small grains of minerals, quartz and feldspar. These deposits settled layer upon layer at the bottom of shallow seas and lakes and over millions of years formed solid rock.

Indian Sandstone is a beautiful hard landscaping medium that is suitable for paths, patios and even driveways. As with all external paving, this investment can and should be protected with Resiblock.

If you have made an investment in Indian Sandstone or another type of natural stone then make sure you protect well.

Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer is:

  • Stain resistant
  • A colour enhancer
  • Resists algae growth
  • Only requires one coat
  • Has a coverage of 4-6m² per litre

Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer is a urethane based low viscosity prepolymer surface sealer and colour enhancer of exceptional effec­tiveness with a high order of UV resistance.

Its penetration comes about by solvent evaporation, polyme­risa­tion being effected by atmospheric moisture. It incorporates a completely unique moisture curing system. Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer’s function is to bring about the enhancement of Indian Sandstone and other forms of natural stone.

How To Use:

  • First ensure the surface is dry and clean before applying the sealer,
  • Coverage 4-6m² per litre,
  • Then allow 3-6 hours before walking on the surface,
  • Only one coat of the sealer is required.
  • Can be applied by brush or roller.

So Contact Us Today And Find Out More  about Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer.

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