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Pub In Shed At Bottom Of The Garden!

Is this every man’s dream home? If you fancy a pub in the garden this house is perfect for you.  The four-bedroom property is on the market for £249,950 and looks like millions of suburban 1930s homes.

Is this the perfect des res for thirsty house-hunters – a home with its own pub in the back garden.

But behind the humdrum semi in a shed down the garden lies a fully-stocked private boozer, complete with pool table, dart board and beer garden with a picnic bench.

The Watersedge Inn’s owner scavenged scrap yards and skips for bar stools, the pub’s sign and even the carpet.

Offers have already been made for the house in Solihull, West Midlands.

A neighbour said: “It’s just an ordinary semi – but it’s every bloke’s dream to pop for a quick pint away from the missus. It must be a real wrench to sell it.”

This really is the ultimate in beer gardens.  You don’t even have to go out of your own front gate. We wounder if he lets all the neighbours round to watch the football and does he charge for the beer?

Would you really like this? Surely the idea of going to the pub is to meet other people and chat, But then again he may get busy of an evening. At least the kids could play in the garden and the dog cam come too!


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