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Queezy Does It!

Everyone points out that life is expensive enough already. If you are in the middle or perhaps above, do you save for the children's university fees, or your mother's long-term care, or maybe your own? If you lose universal benefits, like child benefit - worth £1,750 a year for two children - that adds up over 18 years to about another £35,000 gone.

Do you cut your standard of living or dip into the house that you hoped would bolster your pension, a pension that might be looking less healthy than it once did.

The squeeze seems to come from every side. Where will the money come from?

The child benefit cut, saving for an evaporating pension while paying for parents in long-term care, not to mention helping the children pay for university. Is this the end of being comfortably off.

Put it this way: every £1bn is the equivalent of taking away services or money worth £1,000 from one million people, every year.

The Chancellor says we are all in it together, invoking a sense of collective sacrifice. Your country needs you, says David Cameron, pointing our way.

But we don’t see any volunteers. Instead, the one collective effort on view is to duck - and point elsewhere. The "middle" points at the "scroungers" at the "bottom". The "bottom" points to the broader shoulders higher up. Both point to the "top". And the "top" says it pays for everything already and should get something back.

Well, it could be worse. Actually, it will be worse. There are bills not yet fully in the equation, like that for long-term care as the population ages.

Meanwhile, many look over their shoulders at those who, by some anomaly, manage to escape the cut in child benefit despite being well off.

 After reading the above article Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire asks where will the cuts end and will we ever have any spare money again?

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