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Rain on the Way: Protect your Gutters...

Lots of rain is predicted for the next few weeks and the last thing you’re going to need is a blocked gutter. Poorly installed and/or badly maintained gutters can lead to all sorts of problems that could end up costing you a considerable amount of money to repair. The solution? The Porcupipe Bristle Protector System.

If you have never had a blocked gutter on your property, then it is understandably tempting to think ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’. Well, we have seen it many times over and the problem of water not flowing through gutters efficiently can cause areas of standing liquid, which can then overflow and run down the side of a structure, collecting on the ground below. The main potential problems are:

  • Rotting fascias and soffits. Overflowing water will cause fascias to rot, necessitating replacement. Gutters full of standing water are heavy and add stress to soffits and fascias, risking malfunction and collapse

  • Moss formation. Water filled with organic matter such as leaves and twigs will enable the rapid growth of moss and algae, a smelly and unsightly addition to the aesthetic of your home

  • Pest infestations. All sorts of creepy-crawlies are attracted to puddles of standing water in gutters. Squatting rodents are also attracted to the convenient ‘ponds’ filled with rotting debris

  • Leaks. If water in a gutter freezes, it can widen the gap between the roof and shingles. When it thaws, there is a perfect gap left for water to ingress the property

  • Slipping hazards. Water that has overflowed and collected on a pathway may freeze, posing a significant risk of injury from slipping

  • Floods. One of the most common causes of floods in cellars and basement conversions is pooled water that has run off from a clogged gutter. To protect the underneath, you have to look up first!

  • Damaged driveways.  Pooled water on driveways will create sagging areas that eventually become cracks and potholes. Not only posing a tripping risk, a driveway in this condition won’t do your vehicle any good either

  • Penetrating damp. The walls of a structure are porous and some of the water from an overflowing gutter that run overs them will be absorbed. This can penetrate right through to the interior of the property, damaging decorative surfaces, compromising structural integrity and providing an ideal habitat for mould growth

All of this is simply avoided with one reliable, effective and easy-to-install product; check out all the details on the Porcupipe Bristle Protector System product page!

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