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Rainwater Disposal: Renew & Protect

According to the old children's rhyme, the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. If only life were so easy here in the UK, where the rain seems to fall pretty much everywhere! Gutters, downpipes and other essential plumbing elements need to be in tip-top condition, particularly during the winter and spring, in order to cope with these constant deluges.

Greengate's, your local builders merchant, supply a complete collection of elements that facilitate rainwater disposal, including a wide range of pipes, gutters, fittings, adaptors and ancillaries. The collection includes the popular Porcupipe Bristle Protector System, designed to keep gutters clear and working to the optimal level.

Blocked gutters can cause all sorts of problems, the most common of which are detailed below.

  • Excess water can cause fascias and soffits to rot. The heavy weight of standing water can then cause the rotted fascias and soffits to collapse completely
  • Damp conditions favour the growth of moss and algae, which is at best unsightly and can become smelly if left untreated
  • Puddles of standing water also attract all sorts of pests, including rodents
  • When it gets really cold, Rain­wa­ter­standing water in blocked gutters will freeze, widening the gap between shingles and roof and causing leaks. If water that has overflowed onto paths or driveways freezes, it poses a dangerous slipping hazard
  • One of the most common causes of flooded basements and cellars is from pooled water running off from a clogged gutter. This is never good news but is particularly problematic if your basement has been converted into living space
  • Porous walls are vulnerable to the damaging effects of penetrating damp, caused by water that cannot drain away because of a blocked gutter

Installed in minutes with no need for specialist tools or equipment, the Porcupipe Bristle Protector System is a reliable, cost-effective way to prevent any of the above problem from occurring in the first place. Find out more details about this product on our website!

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