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Recipe for the perfect barbecue revealed

It’s a bank holiday, and – wait – can it possibly be... sunshine? That can mean only one thing to any red-blooded, tong-wielding Briton: time to head to the garage and dig out the barbecue.

This may take some time. Few of us got as far as putting our winter coats away in last year’s travesty of a summer, let alone considered cooking up a charcoal-grilled feast in the open air. But let’s not be put off by a few cobwebs. After all, The Great British Barbecue is a national tradition. And, like all traditions, some aspects are immutable. It’s the man of the house, regardless of his culinary experience, who stands, proudly sporting the “Licence to Grill” apron at the coals. Except that, generally, there are no coals in this gleaming high-spec barbecue, just gas-fed flames that are, he explains “so much less hassle” – for which read “a good sight less humiliating to get lit”.

So what does make the perfect barbecue?

The best conditions for enjoying alfresco dining include sunshine and temperatures above 24C, Britons claimed.

When it comes to barbecue fare almost three quarters said that at least one burger was essential, whilst the majority wanted two and a half sausages. Other meat was not considered “essential”.

A glass of Pimm’s and two bottles of chilled lager were also seen as vital.

Survey participants were particularly specific when choosing a date and start time - 3pm on a Bank Holiday Sunday - with seven friends voted to be the perfect number of guests.

A spokesperson from NetVo­uc­her­Codes.­co.­uk, who carried out the study, described a barbecue as “an essential feature of the Great British Summer”.

“Lets hope this bank holiday has all the ingredients for the perfect barbecue” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


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