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The final area of maintenance on the to do list to carry out before summer is to repair fences.

Fence posts need replacing as a result of rot, wind damage or ground movement. For a sturdy job, use rapid setting cement such as Castle Fast Set Readybag Post Mate.

What you will need for this job:

1.          Castle Fast Set Readybag Post Mate

2.          Watering can or hose

3.          Spirit level

4.          Post

Castle Fast Set Readybag Post Mate is recommended for carrying out this type of repair. Castle Fast Set Readybag Post Mate is formulated to produce good quality post hole concrete for setting all types of posts including treated wood posts or supports, treated metal posts or supports, concrete and plastic posts.

Castle Fast Set Readybag Post Mate is:

  • Easy to use – just add water
  • Saves time – quick and convenient
  • Economic – less waste than some other methods

How To Repair Single Posts:

  • Dig a hole appro­ximately one spade square, one and a half spades deep (10ins x 10ins x 14ins or 250mm x 250mm x 350mm).
  • Position the post vertically in the hole and pour half the contents of the bag into the hole around the post. DO NOT MIX.
  • Use a watering can to pour appro­ximately 2 litres of water onto the base of the post, at the level of the Post Mate.
  • After 2 minutes, check the vertical position of the post by using a spirit level on the front and side faces. Adjust the position of post as necessary.
  • Pour the rest of the Post Mate into the hole, followed by a further 2 litres of water which should be directed onto the post at ground level.
  • Allow the Post Mate to harden prior to carrying out further work.

How To Repair Multi Fence Post Panels:

  • Dig a hole for post and follow the first 4 stages above.
  • Measure position of subsequent holes and dig out.
  • Fix panels and posts adjusting verticals as necessary.
  • Apply the first 4 stages above as you go along.
  • Apply the fifth stage to all posts.

How To Repair Large Fence Posts:

  • For posts over 7 foot (2100mm) simply increase the hole depth and add rubble/ broken bricks around the base of the post.
  • Follow all the stages shown above for the single post, as one bag can be used for any size post.

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