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Respect your Roof!

A roof is the first line of defence that a property has against the weather and so it’s crucial that it is well-built and regularly maintained. A wide variety of roofing materials makes this possible and you can get just about everything you need from Greengates, your local builders merchant.

Tiles are widely popular as a roof covering They frequently become damaged or dislodged due to heavy weather and must be immediately replaced to prevent any damage inside the property from water ingress. Greengates supply large quantities of tiles to the roofing industry and can be relied upon to supply items of the finest professional quality.

Loft conversions are extremely popular and getting up to them shouldn’t be a struggle. The Keylite wooden loft ladder makes an attractive addition to any home, as aesthe­tic­ally appealing as it is functional. There is a contemporary alloy loft ladder also available along with an excellent loft access door.

Chimney pots and terminals are necessary features yet also add a finishing touch to any property. Our range is wide and varied, and includes a selection of gas cowls with a bold, modern aesthetic. Check out our Mad Cowl!

The continuing drive towards energy-efficiency has meant that many buildings are now effectively sealed chambers with very little in the way of natural ventilation, leading to an increased risk of conden­sation.

Condensation occurs when water vapour in the air returns to a liquid state upon meeting cool surfaces such as doors, walls and windows. The warmer the air is, the more moisture it can hold and so winter, when buildings are well heated inside and windows and doors are kept firmly closed, is prime time for condensation problems to develop. Further adding to the problem is the necessity of drying laundry indoors; clothes left to dry on radiators discharge litres of water into the air as do tumble dryers or dishwashers that are improperly installed.

We supply a full complement of ventilation products for roofs, browse the selection of roofing materials and make sure your roof is ready for winter!

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