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Rock Salt: A Safe, Slip-Free Season

Welcome to winter! It has been a wet start to December, not to mention the chilling tempe­ratures. There have already been reports of snow in the UK and, though it's mostly been on high ground so far, plummeting temperatures will see many parts of the country blanketed with the white stuff in the coming weeks and months.

Snow and ice can be major causes of disruption, affecting travel services, commu­nica­tions and power utilities. They also cause thousands of injuries from slips and falls, as well as motor vehicle accidents from slippery roads. One of the quickest, most efficient ways of helping to prevent such accidents is with the simple application of rock salt to the affected areas.

Rock salt can be used to combat problems caused by snow and ice in the domestic, commercial, industrial and municipal sectors with equal effec­tiveness. When mixed with water, rock salt produces a solution of brine, which has a lower freezing point than plain water. Applying rock salt therefore causes ice to simply melt away, leaving a safer surface behind.

If you own a business, then you are legally responsible for the safety of customers, visitors and staff on your property. Spreading rock salt along outdoor walkways before predicted ice, frost or snowstorms will ensure that that safety is fully maintained during the winter months.

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