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Rocketing Fuel Prices

Rocketing Costs Off Driving

With the price of fuel rocketing there are always things motorists can do to cut down their cost and with road transport responsible for 26 per cent of the UK’s CO2 emissions, we should walk more or use public transport whenever we can but if that’s not an option then follow these top tips for saving fuel and money.

Correct Tyre Pressures

Under inflated tyres are not only dangerous, but they are also inefficient casing the engine to work harder and therefore consume more fuel.

Fully Maintained Vehicle

A badly maintained vehicle is unlikely to perform as it is designed to.  Partially blocked filters, poor oil performance and emissions control systems under-performing may occur.  These and other factors can result in increased fuel consumption and higher emissions.

Remove Roof Box Rails

Any external fixings such as roof boxes, rails and bike racks shoule be removed when not in use.  They change air flow over the vehicle aand increase its aerodynamic drag.  Opening windows and sunroofs will also increase air drag.

Reduce The Use f Air Conditioning

When air conditioning is used it requires more fuel and produces increased emissions.

Remove unnecessary weight

Carrying unnecessary weight in the vehicle will make the engine work harder when accelerating; this particularly affects stop/start driving.

Reduce stop-start driving

The engine has to work hard when accelerating and every time the brakes are used this energy is lost.  Simply lifting off the accelerator earlier and gently slowing down will improve fuel economy.

Excess Idling

Unnecessary idling will consume fuel and produce emission even whilst stationary.  During periods of several minutes or over, when safe to do so, switch off your engine.

Slow Down

Accelerating hard and using high engine speeds will make the engine consume more fuel.  Accelerating more steadily to the desired speed will reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Avoid Short Journeys

On short journeys when an engine is cold it uses more fuel because some of the energy in the fuel is used to heat the engine.  It is best to avoid such journeys as much as possible.

Use High Quality Fuel

Using high quality fuels will allow your vehicle to run more efficiently, improving combustion quality which reduces fuel consumption and lowers emissions.


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