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Ronseal 750ml Clear Satin Outdoor Varnish


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Ronseal Outdoor Varnish is a unique, highly durable and flexible transparent coating for the decoration and protection of exterior woodwork. Its high build flexible alkyd formulation provides a long lasting finish resistant to cracking, peeling and blistering, which enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also protects from water and UV damage.

Properties: Appearance – Medium brownish liquid. Viscosity – Low to medium. Odour – Characteristic solvent type. Immiscible with water.

Fields Of Application: Ronseal Outdoor Varnish is recommended for use on most exterior woodwork, such as doors and door frames, window frames, cladding, garden furniture and most exterior smooth planed timber. It may also be used on previously varnished or woodstained wood, after suitable preparation.

Preparation: Thorough preparation is the key to maximum performance. The durability of the product will be impaired if it is applied to an unsound or poorly prepared surface. Fill any joints, gaps or holes using an appropriate woodfiller. Allow to harden and sand to a smooth surface.

Bare Wood: Make sure the wood is clean and dry and free from traces of dirt, oil, grease or wax. Lightly sand to remove any loose wood fibres and wipe with white spirit. Oily timbers, resinous areas and knots should be thoroughly wiped down with white spirit prior to sealing.

Previously Varnished or Woodstained Wood: Sand to a key and wash with white spirit to remove any dirt, dust and grease. Any coating in a loose or poor condition should be removed. Previously painted surfaces must be completely stripped before application.

Coverage: Up to 16m2/­litre/­coat. Coverage will vary dependent upon the porosity of the substrate. Apply in accordance with the coverage guidelines or performance will be impaired.

Drying Time: Allow 6 hours drying time per coat. Drying times will vary dependent upon prevailing temperatures, humidity and the substrate.

Important Notes: Ronseal Outdoor Varnish is formulated to provide a lightly tinted transparent finish for exterior wood. It may darken and mellow the colour of bare wood. Always pre-test on a small area first to confirm acceptability. Ronseal Outdoor Varnish is designed to flex with the wood to prevent cracking and peeling. It will not harden softwoods or overcome other deficiencies associated with the choice or suitability of the substrate. Certain tropical hardwoods have surface charac­te­ristics, which may prevent full absorption of varnish or prolong drying times. In general, oil bound woods may prevent adequate adhesion. Washing the surface thoroughly with white spirit, drying thoroughly and pretesting the varnish on a small area is recommended. Do not use on surfaces treated with woodstains unless they have aged for at least one month. Do not use on plastic type materials. Ronseal Outdoor Varnish appears slightly coloured in the can and on the brush due to the UV light filters it contains. This product contains no added lead. However, wooden and metal surfaces particularly in pre-1960 buildings may have previously been treated with paint containing lead pigments. Special care must be taken when sanding or stripping. Professional decorators should carry out a COSHH assessment before any work is carried out.

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