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Ronseal 5 Year Woodstain 750ml


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Ronseal 5 Year Woodstain 750ml

Ronseal Five Year Woodstain is a superior, quick drying, exterior woodstain, which offers an exceptional quality finish, providing long lasting protection against all types of weather, UV degradation and mould growth.

Properties: Viscosity – Viscous liquid with a slightly structured appearance. VOC Content – Low (0.3-7.99% w/v). Odour – Low. Water Repellency – Good. Miscible with water.

Fields Of Application: Ronseal Five Year Woodstain is recommended for the treatment of both soft and hardwood exterior joinery, for example, window frames, doors, fascias, cladding, garden furniture and all smooth planed exterior wood.

Preparation: Ronseal Five Year Woodstain should only be applied to clean, dry surfaces that are free from oil, grease and other contamination. All previously applied film forming products, for example paints and varnishes, should be totally removed. Any discoloured wood should be sanded until an original surface is visible. As Ronseal Five Year Woodstain provides a semi-tran­sparent finish any marks, blemishes or stains in the substrate will show after treatment. Remove mould, algae, lichens and moss with a stiff brush and scraper. Eradicate residual growth using diluted household bleach, 1 part bleach to 4 parts water, preferable applied in dry weather. Leave for 48 hours, rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Repair any damaged areas; large cracks and open joints should be filled with a suitable high quality, flexible filler/stopper, such as Ronseal Multi Purpose Woodfiller. Lightly abrade using fine grade abrasive paper working in the direction of the grain. Remove using a brush, or preferably a vacuum cleaner, and wipe over the surface with a damp cloth. Allow to dry. Particular care should be taken when abrading timber. Sanding with fine sandpaper should always be in the direction of the grain. All sharp edges should be “rounded off”. Do not oversand or “polish” the surface as this may prevent full absorption and subsequent adhesion of Ronseal Five Year Woodstain. Ronseal Five Year Woodstain may be applied to surfaces which have previously been treated with exterior woodstains, providing these are in a sound condition. Loose or flaking coatings should be scraped back to a sound surface. Lightly sand in the direction of the grain of the wood with fine abrasive paper and remove dust by brush or preferably by vacuuming. Wipe over with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Other finishes such as varnish or paint must be completely removed before application.

Coverage: 16-20m² per litre per coat depending on type, texture and absorbency of the substrate.

Drying Time: Ronseal Five Year Woodstain is touch dry in 1 hour. Drying time varies with temperature, relative humidity and absorbency of substrate. Allow 4 hours before recoating.

Important Notes: This product contains no added lead. However, wooden and metal surfaces particularly in pre-1960 buildings may have previously been treated with paint containing lead pigments. Special care must be taken when sanding or stripping. Professional decorators should carry out a COSHH assessment before any work is carried out. Avoid inhalation of dust when sanding. Wear a suitable face mask or employ wet sanding techniques. Always pre-test the woodstain on a small inconspicuous area to confirm colour suitability prior to the treatment of the whole area. Do not use Ronseal Five Year Woodstain if the moisture content of the wood exceeds 20%. Do not use Ronseal Five Year Woodstain on plastic type materials. Do not use over knotting as this could affect adhesion. Do not splash on brickwork. Clean splashes off glass whilst wet. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Do not apply below 10°C or in conditions of high humidity. Conventional woodstains should be allowed to age for at least one month before the application of Ronseal Five Year Woodstain. When applying Ronseal Five Year Woodstain to very absorbent surfaces or in hot conditions, dilute the first coat with 25% clean water. Apply 2 further full strength coats for maximum protection. Certain tropical hardwoods have surface characteristics that may prevent full absorbency. Ronseal Five Year Woodstain is suitable for use with both face glazing and bead glazing systems. In general the use of glazing beads and non-setting mastics which form a protective skin should be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Glazing beads should be coated on all sides with 3 coats of Ronseal Five Year Woodstain and fastened with non-corrosive fixings. Ronseal Five Year Woodstain is not recommended for use with linseed and metal casement putty and non-setting compounds. Ronseal Five Year Woodstain will not eradicate blue stain contamination but may control further development providing moisture levels in the wood do not become excessive.

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