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Roofs Fall Off Million Pound Homes

The roof falls of 5 One Million Pound Homes

 A total of five houses lost their roofs during the freak incident, which took place at 8.45pm on Tuesday.

Writer Will Self is lucky to be alive after the roof of his £1 million house collapsed while he was inside with his children.

The Journalist and author led his two sons to safety after the roof came down on his and four of his neighbours' homes in Stockwell, south London, on Tuesday night.

The freak incident is being blamed on Tuesday’s sudden heatwave, when temperatures leaped almost 10 degrees in less than 24 hours.

London Fire Brigade sent four engines and a fire rescue unit to the scene just before 9pm, with firefighters helping one elderly woman to safety.

Residents described the incident as a loud cracking sound which was the parapet coming away, then a whooshing as the debris fell down and then a crashing followed by a massive amount of the dust.

A council surveyor has said that a phenomenon called ‘diurnal shift’ may have caused the destruction. This may have been caused by a strong diurnal shift, which in layman’s terms means really low temperatures followed by really high tempe­ratures, which has caused this to happen.

Diurnal shift is a mete­oro­logical term for the variation in temperature between the highs of the day and the cool of the night.

In the last two days, this swing has been far greater than for most of the year.

In buildings, such changes cause steel, concrete and other materials to expand and contract, which can damage the structure, particularly if it is ageing or defective.

Much of London's housing stock is more than 100 years old.

“We feel sorry for the families involved and hope they are ok and soon get their homes repaired” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


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