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Satnav Good Or Bad?

Do You Own A Satnav?

If you do then you will know how annoying it is when they send you down the wrong road or take you miles out of your way. But even so according to a recent survey we wouldn’t want to be without them.  So have we become too reliant on them or maybe too lazy to look at a map?

Regularly in newspapers there are stories about how satellite navigation systems have made thickets of people. No longer, so the reports go, can we read a map, and as a result we lose crucial information about the places we are in.

Satnavs apparently have saved many a marriage as map reading and giving directions have caused many a row and marriage to end.

Satnav woes for motorists include nearly driving off a cliff, veering into front gardens and going around in circles, according to a survey.

Almost two in three (64%) drivers rely on GPS devices on trips and 46% have been led astray by them, the poll by Auto glass found.

Yet despite the constant glitches, 19% of drivers said they could not live without their satnavs.

Some small towns now have road signs telling drivers not to follow their Satnav directions down country lanes that are not suitable for wagons.  It has been reported that wagon drivers have been trapped in their vehicles for days because they have got their vehicle so tightly wedged after following their Satnav directions.

Even so I would not like to be without my Satnav I’m always more confident when going into a new town or city.



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