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Save 30% On Sika Products At Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

Save 30% at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire when you buy:

5Ltr Sikamix Mortar Plasticiser+ 5Ltr Sika Rendermix Waterproofer + 5Ltr Sika PVA

You can get all these products for ONLY £14.64 + VAT (collection from our sales office)

Sikamix Mortar Plasticiser: is a general purpose, economic liquid plasticiser and improver for brick and blockwork mortars.

Typical Uses: Sikamix is a liquid plasticising and air entraining admixture for improving workability and final properties of:

  • Brick mortars
  • Blockwork mortars

Dosage rate: 70 - 140ml per 25Kg cement.

Sika Rendermix Waterproofer: is a water resisting plasticiser for improving renders and screeds.

Typical Uses:

  • As a water resisting liquid admixture for sand and cement rendering mortars.
  • As an aid to prevent water 'bleed' from the fresh mortar.
  • As a water reducer to inhibit passage of salts for external or internal rendering and screeding.
  • As a mortar 'improver' for pebble dashing or roughcast finishes.

Dosage rate: 250ml to 500ml per 25kg cement


Sika PVA: is a general purpose economic adhesive, sealer and mortar improver.

Typical Uses:

  • Bonding agent for concrete, renders, screeds and plaster.
  • Seal coat for porous surfaces e.g. plaster to minimise dusting.
  • Admixture in cement renders and screeds where thin or jointless floor toppings are to be laid.
  • Adhesive for most common materials to bond to themselves and each other, except rubber, polythene or PVC.


  • Neat: 1litre per 6 - 12m²
  • Diluted 1:1, 1litre per 12 - 24m²
  • Diluted 1:3, 1litre per 18 - 36m²

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